About Us

Hello! Welcome to Keystone Craft Studio!


My name is Shelby and I am the owner and soap maker of this shop.


My journey into soap making stems from my love of science, excitement for creativity and my passion for skin care. Like many others before me I had found commercial soaps to be so drying and full of chemicals (most are considered detergents) and wanted something better for my body. (After all skin care is self care). I started to research the different properties of oils and butters and how they effect your skin. After about a year of of extensive research; I put on my safety gear and made my first batch. It may not have been the prettiest but worked much better than any other soap I had used prior. After another 6 months, a BUNCH of batches and tests (on brave family and friends) I finally found a formula that was perfect!


We take great joy in making luxurious artisan soaps using the best quality ingredients. Most soaps are vegan, although we will occasionally use animal milks and honey. (If you have any questions on ingredients feel free to email/contact us).  We will continue to add to the line as we research and develop new products. We only release products when they are of the highest quality.


Finally I wanted to thank you for supporting my small business! I am lucky enough to get to do what I love while having time to raise my family.